5 tips to increase the level of your IGTV to breathtaking heights:

Instagram is used by almost everyone, especially celebrities, influencers, brands, businesses, and even people, to save those precious memories in style. Instagram rolled out IGTV to tackle other video-sharing platforms, and so far, it has been a huge hit. People use IGTV to share their memories and even run brands through it etc. IGTV has become an important part of a business or a brand, especially for celebrities and influencers or aspiring ones.

IGTV is an entirely separate application to the famous Instagram, although Instagram has features of IGTV. IGTV is a new way to marketing anything, such as a business or a brand or yourself, in whatever capacity and genre you want—it has taken a life of its own. But if you want to take your IGTV channel to new, never-before-seen heights, then this is the place to be right now. We will show you what you need to do to get that.

Here are the 5 best tips to increase your IGTV presence.

Tip no. 1: Upload interesting and engaging videos.

The first tip is that you have to be interesting, it might be too obvious, but this is something that you need to stress a bit too much. You can try making any kind of video format, whether it be horizontal or vertical, choose any, be creative, and make small videos related to your business. You can post reviews, tutorials, behind-the-scenes, or interviews with your customers. The point is, you can do anything. Think out of the box. Create something that can bring in people that can make people talk about you during a coffee break or during recess. Get that edge, think out of the box, or even better, just forget the box.

Share information that can help the audience Whether they are cooking videos, motivational videos, or just videos of your products as well as services; it can be just about anything—go wild with your ideas.

Tip no. 2: Keep the quality of your video high.

Invest in a good camera, invest in a good video editor, make sure the pictures, videos, and editing you do is top-notch. People like it when they see videos that are crispy-looking, that have that professional sense to it. Make sure the video’s background is colorful and relevant to the business or brand you are running—it should complement it. 

Tip no. 3: Buy views for Instagram TV.

Many businesses and brands buy Instagram views to get that start, that kick they need for their IGTV channels. There are many services that can let you buy Instagram Tv views. All these services will make sure that you get your views on time. They also offer numerous packages that can suit your budget. Remember, the main point of all of this is to get real viewers in the end. This is a good technique to get things running if they have been slow.

Tip no. 4: Start collaborating with other artists on IGTV.

This is another good way to increase the level of your IGTV. We see this in the music industry all the time; people collab and they get exposure to new viewers. All you have to do is to collab with an artist that is already well-established and is in the same genre as you.

Tip no. 5: Use hashtags and fill in the description with engaging content.

Description and hashtags are both required to target the audience for your business or brand. Use proper wording that is fluid and not robotic that can connect with your viewers, and make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your content and that can attract the viewers you are looking for.

Follow all these tips, and reach that IGTV level you want.