Let’s talk about singles travel groups for over 40s, so you can get ready to start your next journey! Grab your passport, your suitcase, and our list of the the top 10 reasons why you should try a singles and solos travel group. Adventure awaits you.


  1. Make your life easy: Just get a flight ticket and get on the plane. With a singles travel group the planning is completely done for you: the mountains have been skied, the hotels vetted, restaurants and bars picked. Show up and enjoy. It’s summer camp for adults but in winter!
  2. Tackle Your Bucket List: Cross that Utah powder off your list! Start skiing or snowboarding as you always wanted. Take time out of your busy schedule and have the best winter vacation.
  3. Meet New People: Whether you consider yourself to be a social person or maybe a little more reserved, a travel group is an amazing way to make new friends. Take some time to expand your social circle and meet new interesting people to ski, snowboard, and have fun with.
  4. Push Yourself to New Limits: Most people would say that life is short. Why not put yourself out there in a new, fun way? Never skied a black diamond? Maybe your new ski buddies will inspire you. Want to ski the backcountry? Enjoy it with new friends and a knowledgeable mountain guide. Sometimes indulging our fears can give us a new outlook on life, and show us what we’ve been missing out on all along.
  5. Travel to a New Location and Save Money: Travel groups take us to beautiful unique locations which aren’t always explored by the mainstream. A gorgeous retreat tucked away in the snowy foothills of a beautiful vista; a tiny little bar behind a hidden door. Life is full of glorious little spots made for locals that tourists miss. And your travel host will take advantage of group discounts all along.
  6. Reduce Stress: Many travel groups have journeys that are specifically catered to reducing stress, such as relaxing visits to a spa, wellness center or yoga retreat. Waking up without the stress of the daily grind is a perfect vacation.
  7. Try New Activities: Are you a snowboarder who has never skied? Maybe you’ve always wanted to go ice climbing but have never had a friend to go with? You’ll be among fellow adventurers, other people who want to experience new things with you.
  8. Create new Content for Social Media: Have you ever wanted to start your own travel blog? Talk about your amazing adventures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Beautiful photos of your adventures along with the exciting new stories you’ll have to tell are perfect for adding to your social media page. Document your new experiences online and share what you’ve enjoyed doing the most.
  9. Network to Build your Business: Build your business through networking while on vacation! Meeting other like minded individuals can grow new client networks help build your social stock, increasing your personal contacts.
  10. Create Long Lasting Memories: You’ll be back home with a few points off your bucket list, new confidence in your skiing or snowboarding, and a whole group of new friends. Come back refreshed, inspired, and ready for more.

Are You Ready to Try a Singles and Solos Travel Group for Over 40s?

There are so many reasons to try a group singles and solos trip. New adventures await you if you just step outside of your comfort zone and take a chance on new experiences with new people. If you’re ready to expand your horizons, don’t wait – start your journey today!